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SCA posted 04 Dec 2006, 03:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

I thought this may be of interest to a few of you. I was glancing at some topics, threads, etc. and noticed how some seem to refer to ancient/medieval times. One thread was on mythology. I'm in an organization called the SCA, Society for Creative Anachronisms. I thought it might be interesting to see if any of you have heard of it or perhaps are a member. I also thought it would be fun to actually tell you that in the society we sort of recreate medieval times and what not. We create a persona, lives, decide where we're from, our culture, what year we were born, etc. It's like taking on a whole new life... and from some of my experiences I can actually say,"I've gone to battle against the Romans." Most of the mundanes seem to think we are just outright weird, but I'm sure some of you may find it interesting. So has anyone heard of it, etc. at all? view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 03:12 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

I've heard of it and considered joining but Im too busy to get involved in something that huge. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 04:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

Haha, it's not that huge. Sometimes I find myself not going for months at a time because of my schedule, but it is an escape from reality that helps me get away. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 14:12 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

i have heard of it. i'm part of vikings UK. we do medieval combat recreation as well as living history. [url:21kxcvzr][/url:21kxcvzr] i'm also a member of the friends of the medieval studies society through the royal ontario museum. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 17:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

Cool... you live in Toronto, eh? I'm from Windsor... Toronto has a couple SCA groups, you might want to check it out... one of my personas is Viking, her name's Kaysa. We do basically everything, it just depends what you're interested in but I adore rennaissance dancing, fencing, boffering, and heavy fighting. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 18:12 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

ya, i remember looking in to sca groups here a few years ago cos some guy my dad worked with was a member. i know there are some that are hosted at some of the universities. just browsed through a bit of the site. seems too complicated when all i wanna do is fight. and reading about the parts that have to be covered by armour. lol. armour. i wear gloves and that's about it. view post

posted 05 Dec 2006, 04:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

haha, wow... it's not actually as complicated as it seems. what sort of combat fighting do you do? Oh! I also do archery... I don't know how good I actually am, but I was good enough to get a letter from the Team Ontario coaches for the 2007 Winter Canada Games to try out for the archery team. I honestly didn't think it was that big until it hit me about last week... even though they've been sending me letters and emails for the past year or so, hehe. view post

posted 05 Dec 2006, 14:12 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

i just don't like the whole set up, with the kingdoms and baronies and junk. the fighting i do is mostly with sword and shield, but we use axes, knives/daggers and polearms as well. some members take part in the battle of hastings recreation and use horses and thousands of people. the one guy got ran over by a horse this year :lol: used to be on the archery team in high school, but sadly haven't had a chance to do it again since. however my husband and i plan on getting a good bow once spring comes. view post

posted 05 Dec 2006, 17:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

Fun... personally I really like the SCA. I love to hear the tales of war... the tohusands of people who go, what kingdoms win, the late night parties... I hope to fight in the war oneday... and attend some really wild parties, haha. view post


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