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Bakker's Kellhus v. Asimov's Mule posted 21 Oct 2006, 20:10 by common dedominator, Commoner

Anyone care to compare and contrast Bakker's Kellhus with Isaac Asimov's the Mule from his Foundation series? I find the similarities intriguing, especially the ability to manipulate the emotions of others, as well as the empire-building drive of both. Of course, physically they couldn't be more dissimiliar, Kellhus being some towering blonde Moses and the Mule being a rather repulsive, huge-nose stick figure. I think it's also interesting to also do a side-by-side of the Dunyain and the Foundationists. The take on history by each is fascinating, e.g. logos-centric repudiation of history vs. a psychological subsumption of history by psychohistorians. Finally, is anyone interested in the messianic comparisons of Kellhus with Heinlein's Valentine Michael Smish from "Stranger in a Strange Land"? Just askin. view post

posted 28 May 2007, 20:05 by Mulliman, Commoner

The way i perceived the Mule, was that although he could manipulate the emotions of others, he did not control his own. Thats not exactly a problem for Kellhus. view post


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