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Question (I hope its not stupid) posted 17 Aug 2006, 01:08 by DietCoke23, Commoner

hey guys, did the Thousand fold thought end the series or is there another book comin out? :?: view post

posted 17 Aug 2006, 02:08 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Its amazing how many people ask this question. Yes Diet the story will continue in the Aspect-Emperor. view post

posted 17 Aug 2006, 18:08 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

TTT enced the current trilogy, which was meant to cover the rise of Kelhus and the path of the Holy War. As WP said there will be another series coming out set 20 years from the end of TTT and I believe it will be either a Duology ot another Trilogy. I believe that series will be titled the Aspect-Emperor, as the current trilogy is called The Prince of Nothing. A few details may be wrong here and there but thats the gist of things. Currently Scott is I believe still polishing up an unrelated work called Neuropath which may end up either getting picked up as a book or as a movie script. Haven't heard from him in a bit though so not sure exactly what is up there. view post


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