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Anime posted 24 Jul 2006, 06:07 by Primal, Peralogue

Anyone here into anime? The latest I've seen was Naruto view post

posted 24 Jul 2006, 14:07 by Harrol, Moderator

Primal, I would not say that I am into anime but I have seen a few that I enjoy. Berserk, Hellsing and Karas were very good. Berserk in my opinion is the best. view post

posted 24 Jul 2006, 14:07 by Scilvenas, Auditor

Seen quite a bit. Samurai Deeper Kyo, Trigun, Record of Lodos War, and The Legend of the Overfiend :twisted: are a few of my favorites. view post

posted 29 Jul 2006, 10:07 by Primal, Peralogue

Berserk got abandoned when it was getting good. Hellsing is the vampire-demon one right? seen trigun, lodoss, but not samurai kyo. overfiend, huh? view post

posted 31 Jul 2006, 12:07 by Anonymous, Subdidact

You are right about Berserk. I hope that someday they will finish the series. You are also right about Hellsing. I found the intensity of Berserk to be unmatched by any other anime that I have seen and the humor and intrigue of Hellsing to be very enjoyable view post

posted 31 Jul 2006, 12:07 by Harrol, Moderator

Soory that last post was mine. view post

posted 01 Aug 2006, 22:08 by Edge of Certainty, Subdidact

hard-core anime fan over here! by the way, is anyone going to otakon this year? i am!!! :lol: view post

posted 04 Aug 2006, 14:08 by Hellscythe, Auditor

i love some anime. Rather, id like it all, but i dont have the money to buy all the anime out there. view post

posted 06 Aug 2006, 06:08 by Primal, Peralogue

Hellscythe, I have seen alot, but don't own any anime myself. I have friends who collect, and also there's websites that you can download subtitled versions. Some you pay $5 a month (narutocentral) and you get access to numerous series and movies. I think I'll be downloading some when I get a chance. Check it out. Edge, I've never been to Otakon; almost went last year to the Atlanta one. Where's it being held this year? view post

posted 08 Aug 2006, 04:08 by Edge of Certainty, Subdidact

it's at Baltimore, Maryland!!!! anyone who cares about life should go there atleast once and dress up like an idiot :lol: view post


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