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The Prologue posted 06 Jul 2006, 20:07 by dharok, Commoner

I have started to re-read the three books from the series that are currently available, and I am ashamed to admit that I remember little of the Prologue from TDTCB. What I am wondering about is with regards to the mounted rider who ends up fighting with Kellhus as he is running from the sranc. When Kellhus escapes the fight, he is threatened- by the rider whom he assumes is a nonman- that he will not be forgotten. Makes me wonder . . . IMO, this has not yet become significant, or am I missing something really obvious? Also, the identity of the rider is really up for question. Ideas? view post

posted 06 Jul 2006, 21:07 by Harrol, Moderator

dharok the nonmans identity is Mekertrig. He is the same nonman that nailed seswatha to the wall. view post

posted 07 Jul 2006, 03:07 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Agreed its Mekeritrig. view post

posted 07 Jul 2006, 13:07 by dharok, Commoner

interesting. . . I guess I need to pay more attention. view post

posted 07 Jul 2006, 20:07 by Harrol, Moderator

Sorry the last post was mine. view post

posted 19 Mar 2007, 17:03 by Littlefinger, Commoner

Interesting thought I concure. view post

posted 28 Mar 2007, 01:03 by Buckethead, Peralogue

how do you know it's mekeritrig? where do you find this information? view post

posted 28 Mar 2007, 02:03 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Scott confirmed it somewhere on the board, I also believe there is evidence of this in the books though I could not say for sure where. view post

posted 09 Apr 2007, 02:04 by Gravity Gun, Candidate

The bit about the Nonman having actual faces sewn on his cloak threw me off for a while. I naturally linked this to the "de-facing," if you will, of poor Geshrunni. So I thought those hunting down the spies of various schools must be Nonman, that it's their habit to collect human faces. :roll: view post

posted 14 Jun 2007, 21:06 by Mahajanga Mordecai, Auditor

Don't feel bad Dharok, I asked that same question a long time ago. It's only on the board. It's also unclear from reading the books that Non-Men are victims of amnesia [long term anmesia anyway]; you don't really find it solidly said and explained in the books until TTT's glossary. Regarding face snatching, I initially figured that it had something to do with the Tekne's ability to create skin-spies but Mekeretrig's cape makes that inaccurate I guess. view post


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