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The Affection Of Beberu posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 by Primal, Peralogue

The cavernous room was made of faded, chipped gray bricks. It seemed to have no ceiling, the walls looming into darkness. It was lit dimly by two torches hanging several yards high, each torch placed on opposite sides of the only door. It was damp in this cavernous room, too damp and confined. Too damn suffocating thought Kiraige. And not at all like a woman’s touch, for the edgy brick wall stabbed into his backside, giving him no moment of ease, chained tightly against this wall as he was. It was humiliating for Kiraige to have been captured, and even more humiliating that he had been rendered so helpless. His ears burned at the thought of how yesterday he had arrived as rescuer and how unexpectedly his fate changed to rescuee. And though there were other prisoners shackled against the walls in the darkness around him, Kiraige took no solace. I am a dragon among men he had often thought of himself. How could he have ended up like this? “How are you keeping?” shouted a man to Kiraige’s right. Kiraige turned his head and glanced at the man five yards away. He was a head and a half shorter than Kiraige, and he had flabby flesh compared to Kiraige’s taut, rippling godly form, or so Kiraige perceived of himself. The man was probably a decade older than him, somewhere in his mid-thirties. He was of congenial looks. And like Kiraige, like all the other prisoners, the man was as bare as a babe right out of its mother’s womb. Why Beberu kept his prisoners naked, Kiraige only knew too well, having heard it among the talks of those had languished here for a longer time. He dreaded the moment he would meet Beberu. Kiraige ignored the man to his right, turning away. He cared not to socialize with any of them. Didn’t they realize how embarassing this circumstance was for him? Kiraige waited tensely for another day until he heard the creaking of the door. Beberu sauntered through, his face glowing like the cherubims of long ago. He was of youthful appearance and of a strong, healthy body despite having survived for several centuries. He wore a bodysuit of some fine material—what material, Kiraige didn’t know—and coral boots. The other prisoners who had been chattering, to Kiraige’s ire, silenced upon the entrance of Beberu, who stopped before Kiraige and smiled, showing perfectly even, perfectly white teeth. It was an unsettling smile to Kiraige, for he perceived there was a ravenous to it. Beberu peered at Kiraige with wide, adoring eyes like a child’s delight in a candy store. His let his eyes feast over Kiraige’s powerful muscular form. “Maybe I should warm this room up just so I can see the sweat slide down your body,” mused Beberu, reaching out with one hand and lightly fingering Kiraige’s chest. Kiraige gulped. “You are my newest trophy and now my most prized,” commented Beberu, a gleam in his eyes. “You are well? My spell of bondage did not ill affect you?” asked Kiraige. Kiraige stared above Beberu’s head, looking into the beyond. He made no reply. He knew that Beberu knew that the spell caused no physical harm and that Beberu was merely trying to provoke a reaction out of him. “So monstrous!” exclaimed Beberu, eyes casted below Kiraige’s waist. He trailed his fingers down Kiraige’s biceps. He sighed happily. Then he stepped back from Kiraige and reflected upon him for several moments. “I will let you go,” Beberu said at last, “if you will perform a favor for me.” The statement gained Kiraige’s attention, and he detected truth in what Beberu said. He lowered his eyes to meet Beberu’s. Beberu showed his back to Kiraige, craning his neck to hold Kiraige’s gaze. “If you will insert yourself into me,” said Beberu, patting his butt, “I will release you.” Kiraige’s jaw dropped in aghast. He knew the manner of Beberu but was still surprised. He growled, “I will kill you!” trying to lurch forward, even though he knew it would be ineffective. “Tsk! Tsk!” giggled Beberu, covering his mouth, suggesting the code of women’s propriety that a woman’s laughing mouth was not for men’s eyes, though obvious to all that Beberu was no woman. “Are you trying to tempt me by looking so fierce, my beautiful warrior?!” Beberu giggled some more while Kiraige continued to struggle. “I will let you contemplate your decision,” said Beberu and withdrew. Kiraige breathed heavily, regaining calm over himself. Beberu would get no such compliance from him. He would wither first to a skeleton. “Are you keeping?” shouted someone in the darkness. Kiraige at last acknowledged his fellow captives. “Does he always play with his prisoners like this?” he asked them. “Nay,” spoke the flabby man to his right. “He just forces us on our hands and knees and does as he likes. Some of the better looking ones of us get their teeth removed. I have not heard him make such an offer to anyone that he has to you.” “He must like you a lot,” someone added. “Shutup!” roared Kiraige. There was laughter in the poorly lit, cavernous room. But it was not so much a laughter of humor but laughter to relieve the shared tension and the forlorn feelings. “It’s not so bad,” said a captive. The other prisoners glared in the direction of the voice, but the shadowy murk of the room protected that captive from their glares. Beberu returned again the next day and asked of Kiraige again the same question. “Will you insert yourself into me? It would be such pleasure for both of us.” Kiraige restrained his temper. “I will kill you,” he said flatly. Beberu smoothed his hand down the length of his own body. “Doesn’t this sleek, young body entice you at all?” He turned and wiggled his butt in front of Kiraige, who had shut his eyes, grimacing in distaste. Beberu turned back around to face Kiraige. “I think what you need is time. Time will dilute your inhibitions. So time, yes, time, I shall give you.” For the next several weeks, not daily but spaced every few days, Beberu would ask of Kiraige the question, and Kiraige, showing no sign of relenting, refused. Kiraige listened to the tales of the men around him. More than half of them had come together in a group, to free the leader of their warrior society, but all had been bested by Beberu. It was ill news. It bespoke of Beberu’s power. For the next several weeks, too, Kiraige learned first-hand of what went on in this dark dungeon. Though Beberu showed respect towards Kiraige, he did not keep himself away from the other prisoners. Everytime Kiraige heard the “oohs!” and “aahs!” his jaws would tightened and he would clench his fists. “For a one time act,” one of the prisoners had mentioned, “you are being offered freedom. I would do it. I would do it for us. You can leave and entreat help and you can return and free us all. Surely it is a small sacrifice for that?” But Kiraige refused to consider that prisoner’s reasoning. Beberu came once again before Kiraige, who immediately sensed a certain composure in Beberu. He is tired of waiting thought Kiraige. “Will you insert yourself into me?” asked Beberu. “Never,” said Kiraige. Beberu nodded. “I will not wait anymore.” He paused and looked at Kiraige. “It would have been so good if you had, for both of us.” It seemed to Kiraige that he could breath easier, for Beberu had worn away his patience. Good, he will kill me now. At least it will resolve this anxiety. “Since you will not take me, I will take you. I will send someone to wash you and scent you with melora,” spoke Beberu, “before bringing you to my personal chamber.” All the blood rushed from Kiraige’s face. It might as well have been a pronouncement of execution. “Do not be so frightened my handsome hero. You will enjoy the feel of me inside you.” He smiled, clasping his palms against his cheeks and blushing. “I think I shall get a taste of tonight’s fare,” said Beberu, immediately pouncing on Kiraige and licking his neck to just beneath his chin. Kiraige screamed and shook violently. Beberu leaped back. “You have such passion!” he squealed. “Tonight will be so wonderful!” He turned and pranced away. “You bas…you bitch! I will kill you for this!” screamed Kiraige, still repulsively tickled by Beberu’s saliva. The hours passed too quickly and Kiraige trembled all the while. It had come down to this! The inevitable. Was there to be no escape?! Was the fate of the great hero, Kiraige, to be nothing more than a sex slave, the very worst kind of sex slave, forced to undergo and perform perversions and the utmost of dark fetishes? “You will survive,” the flabby man to the right tried to console him. But Kiraige ignored his remark and the remarks of the other men. He was in anguish. He was in despair. Where was his courage? He certainly had enough of it before he came to Beberu’s fortress. Painfully he reflected on how he had first decided to search out Beberu and destroy him and free the warriors of renown he had taken captive. He had been questing for the Wing Water and his search led him to the desert city of Mishu. There in a tavern, where was he treating himself to a cool, delicious wawa pudding, a beautiful young maiden bursted in, crying her heart out, her bosom heaving rather pleasantly regardless of the unpleasantness of whatever plight she was in. “My brother has been abducted by Beberu!” she cried. “If anyone can free him, I will give him my virtue!” Aah…virginity, so prized thought Kiraige. He was not surprised that many of the men eagerly clamored to her, throwing promises they would surely aid her brother. But none of them had the aura of strength, the aura of warriors. It would be their doom when they went. Kiraige had heard of Beberu but he had been occupied with other adventures, and his travels had brought him nowhere near Beberu’s fortress until now, which lie in the heart of the desert. Something stirred in Kiraige and he decided he would help this young, tender woman. He felt a desire to impress himself upon her. Confidently, he rose and the crowd of men parted way for him. “I will rescue your brother,” he said to the young woman. “But I want nothing from you.” The young woman looked delighted. For here, indeed, was a young and strong warrior. “Are you sure you wish to do this?” she asked. “Beberu is quite powerful.” “Courage prevails over all trials.” Kiraige felt the courage even as he spoke it. “May I ask who you are?” asked the young woman. “Kiraige,” said Kiraige. At this she gasped, and so did the surrounding men in awe. “I cannot wait for my brother to be returned!” cried the young woman with enthusiasm, jumping into Kiraige with an embrace. She felt warm and soft. And thus Kiraige had set out to subdue Beberu. “Do you wish for us to pray together?” rang a prisoner’s voice in the darkness. Kiraige did not answer, choosing instead to suffer in silence. When the door open, a male servant came through with a bucket of soapy water and a bottle of melora. Such disgrace! So shameful… The male servant whistled a happy tune as he lathered Kiraige. “You are so manly,” uttered the male servant. “My master will ravish you all night.” Kiraige growled. But there was no heart in his growl. He had lost long ago. Beberu would claim this magnificent warrior body of his. At the moment that he hung his head in shame and defeat, there was a thud and the male servant tumbled forward, dropping unconscious to the ground. What?! Kiraige looked up and his heart lightened. “How?” he asked of the prisoner standing free before him. The man raised his right hand. It looked grisly, a mutilation of blood and flesh. “I bit off a finger and chewed off the flesh to use the bone as a picking lock. My efforts proved successful.” Kiraige studied the man carefully before replying. He did not perceive any insanity. He nodded his head, accepting the daring of the man. “You have more imagination and courage than I, my friend,” he complimented the man. The man bowed. “I shall free us.” He proceeded to do so, going from prisoner to prisoner and unlocking the chains around all the warriors. Some of the men, now freed at last, allowed the rage they had been feeling but had been unable to release, explode into an apoplexy of vengeance. “Now we kill him!” screamed the men. “Who will join us in this moment of victory?” They met Kiraige’s gaze. “I will not be a part of this,” said Kiraige. “Beberu is too powerful. Did not many of you already try to defeat Beberu and failed? We are in a weak state right now. Our warrior spirit is dejected and needs time to recover. We can do nothing. We have a chance for escape, but let us not flounder it to be recaptured.” “You are a coward!” accused a warrior. Kiraige said nothing to defend himself. Rash fools… he thought. He was not the only one that exempted themselves from the group. “You are all cowards!” screamed the group that thirsty for vengeance, and they stormed off. “Should we stop them?” asked the warrior who had bitten off his finger. “No, I do not want to fight them,” said Kiraige. “When we are prepared to deal with Beberu’s wizardry, then we may return. But until then, we leave and we stay away from here.” The others nodded, then all began to file out, including the brother of the maiden whom had entreated Kiraige for help. I have not been defiled and the brother goes home and we are free now thought Kiraige. He breathed relief. Not long after that, Kiraige, once more, rode solitaire across the ruined landscape, a heritage of an age long past. The orange-pink sunset over the treetops created a vision of peace and beauty, and Kiraige took it in gladly. The memory of what had happened and what had almost happened still lingered clearly in his mind. What have I learned? he asked himself. He did not know, but he did know that he was glad, immensely glad, to be free and that he wanted to ride as far away from Beberu’s fortress as possible. And so he rode. feb01 view post


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