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William P.'s Appetite posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 by Primal, Peralogue

My name is William P. I am a child of New York City. I haunt the city streets at night, a creature of desires and hungers. I am also an observer of the change, for change is the great metamorphosis of time. There is a sublimeness about change, some holiness about the sudden alteration of reality. It is magnificent! Change happened to me, irrevocably. I live in one of the flats along Central Park. Yes, my home is of luxury and comfort and privacy. I have endured trials to attain it. I live alone in this flat. But that was not always so. An intimate friend of mine, Reyes Jones, had phoned me. "Will," he said, "I'm in desperate times. I need a place to stay." My heart is not so cruel that I would have refused him. Reyes Jones moved in, and he brought along with him good cheer and utterly fascinating stories. We would sing songs together and discuss everything from the ancient Mayan rites to the sky city of Japan that began construction in 2002. Reyes Jones was brilliant and his words never dulled. He was also a most excellent cook. In the evenins, sometimes I would come home fro work and find delightfully prepared dishes-roasted dusck in blue bon sauce, pettuci noodles sprinkled lightly in fine salvata swiss cheese, soup conjured with exotic spices from India, and numerous other dishes. Thus, our lving went on in such a way for a while. But, one day I had decided to take respite from work. I slept later than usual, and woke the same time as Reyes Jones. He had entered the bathroom ahead of me. I could hear the shower running. When Reyes Jones emerged, he was wrapped around the waist in a light-tan towel. When I saw his body, I felt a change within me. Reyes Jones ahd a strong, muscular body with a smooth, soft skin tone. He looked quite delicious. I could not help but lick my lips. "You work out, Reyes?" "Gotta maintain my health," he grinned. Yes, he certainly looked healthy. From that moment on, I hungered for Reyes Jones. It was unnatural hunger, and so I kept myself from expressing it to Reyes Jones. But oh! how agonizing the days moved! how flauntingly Reyes Jones flexed his muscles! how tender and firm his butt must be! Thus the days passed and no other thoughts dwelled in mind saved that of Reyes Jones. No other dreams graced my sleep saved that of Reyes Jones. What was I do? The momentum, the craving kept climaxing, but there could be no release. Finally, one evening I decided I had to tell Reyes Jones. He was sitting on the sofa, watching tv. I approached him from behind and slowly began to rub his shoulders. "You like that?" I asked him, trying to relax him for what I wanted to let him know. "Uhhh....." he began. "There's something I want to let you know," I spoke softly. "What's that?" he asked. I leaned over into his ear. "I want to eat you," I said, and then lowered my head further and licked the side of his neck. "WOAH!" he screamed and bolted up. "What are you doing?!" "I want your body," I said. "I'm not like that," he said. "I'm only into girls." "What-?" I began to wonder about that statement about girls, but the fear in his eyes made me leap forward to tackle him. "NO!" he screamed. "GET OFF!" He struggled to throw me off, but failed as I pinned him beneath me, pressed my mouth to his neck, and bit down. His flesh and blood soaked into my saliva....tasted so good. "GAAAAGH! WHAT THE FUCK!" screamed Reyes. "I told you, I wanted to eat you," I said. He struggled even more but I, in my hunger, was the stronger, and squeezed his life from him with my hands. I stripped Reyes Jones of his clothes and dumped his carcass in the bathtub. I showered him with sauces; I wanted to marinade him first before I began cooking. sept04 view post


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