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The Truth posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 by Primal, Peralogue

Randall is scorned by truth. He has known the truth of this ever since the truth revealed itself to him. How did the truth reveal itself? When Randall was a child of seven, the Man came home howling drunk. "Randall, you little cock!" roared the Man. "Get your ass down here!" Randall, timid, little Randall, set a-trembling by the thundering and the presence of the Man made haste to obey. "Y-yes, father?" stammered Randall, head bowed, eyes to the floor, before the Man. "This is the truth, Randall! This is THE FUCKING TRUTH!!" screamed hoarsed the Mn. He shot out with the right of his hand, grabbing and chocking little Randall's throat, and then hurling Randall into the living room wall. "You sonofabitch! I can't stand it anymore! " screamed the Man. "Your mother is a fucking whore. Did she tell you that, you little cock, DID SHE?!" The Man lunged forward and stomped on Randall's face, bruising and breaking skin, on which blood flowed free and easy, matting into te light blonde of his hair. Randall wailed like the little child he was, big droplets of confusion and fear falling from his little bright blue eyes. His father had always been a cold man, had disciplined him with slaps in the face, but had never before struck him with such severity. Randall cringed before the blows. 'Why is father hitting me?' he wonders, 'why?' It was years later that Randall realizes why. Though the beatings that began and continued on through the years were not justified, Randall understood the reason for it. Randall had married a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair like him. Eleven months afer their marriage, the woman gave birth. And the baby...the baby was a pretty little thing with adorable brown eyes and matching fibers of hair. And the joy...the job that was to be his, turned ember into rage, and blazed the whole of his being. "Honey, I..." began his wife as she laid there cradling the child. But he listened no further and bursted from there. He knew what she meant to say, that she couldn't have been sure whose child it was and took the risk to wait until the birth. She had fucked another man, and hosted his sperm, two months into their marriage. That was the fucking truth. sept04 view post


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