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The Consult's Strategy posted 20 Jun 2006, 08:06 by zarathustra, Peralogue

I have been wondering what the point of the consults strategy has been. Obviously their aim is the reawakening of the No-God but why the creation of the skin spies? For me the skin spies were designed to make the kingdoms of the Three Seas as weak as possible by fighting amongst themselves rather than eradicating the dangerously high numbers of Sranc. I also think that they caused the scholastic wars in the past in order to weaken sorcery and its ties to nations. I think that the Consult have worked on building up the Sranc as Mekeritrig says the Sranc are their children now though he is refering to Nonmen rather than the Consult. It is also mentioned in the glossary that there is now a Sranc king. I would guess that there aren't too many Consult left (nor for that matter Bashrag and Dragons) therefore they are heavily reliant on using Sranc when the apocalypse starts. Possibly they will look to use the Scylvendi as well perhaps that was why one of the skin spies admitted to being a Scylvendi in a previous incarnation. The Consult probably felt they were near completion of their plan given how week and divided men were and for that matter ignorant of the threat possed by the Sranc. Indeed Kellhus talks about whole nations falling to them. Ofcourse the fact that he has come along has thrown their plans up in the air. view post

posted 30 Jun 2006, 05:06 by Harrol, Moderator

for the most part I agree with you. If Kellhus had not come along then the three seas would have been easy pickins in about 20 more years. view post

posted 10 Jul 2006, 00:07 by Nauticus, Auditor

I agree, pretty much. It's a logical strategy. view post


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