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Ian Irvine posted 13 Jun 2006, 21:06 by Sephiroth, Commoner

Has anyone read 'The View From the Mirror' series, or 'The Well of Echoes' series by Ian Irvine? They're very original good versus evil or anything like that. Also, very depressing at times. view post

posted 14 Jun 2006, 10:06 by Randal, Auditor

Yes, I did read the "view from the mirror" series. Whilst it did avoid many of the cliches that harm fantasy, it simply wasn't a very good story, I found. I mean, [i:1dlgprwc]how[/i:1dlgprwc] many times did either or both of the main characters get kidnapped? I also found most of the characters to be terribly frustrating. I've forgotten the exact details, though. It's been a couple of years since I read the books, and they didn't exactly inspire me to revisit them. view post

posted 20 Jun 2006, 17:06 by Brys, Candidate

I've only read Geomancer, but it was one of the worst books I've read this year. The most annoying thing about it is that it shouldn't have been - Irvine had some interesting ideas and he almost managed to keep away from the cliches. But his writing was terrible - the writing alone was bad enough for me not to continue, but I did, in the hope that it would improve. And yes, the writing was just readable by the end. But by the end, he'd also simplified the plot and was moving towards cliches. The characterisation was oversimplified, but showed some signs of complexity. There were occasions when it was just wholly implausible in terms of characters though, but my main objection was that the prose was just painful to read most of the time and the original ideas he had turned out to be a superficial gloss on a straightforward story. view post

posted 29 Mar 2007, 04:03 by Trutu Angotma, Peralogue

ive read the first of the veiw from the mirror and found it very entertaining and suprisingly realistic. no epic battles, no sword waving or magic fireball launching around. just (almost) normal ppl trying to get through hard times view post

posted 31 Mar 2007, 14:03 by Anthorn, Candidate

I have read all the books that he has written on Santhenar, from the view from the mirror to the first book in his new trilogy. And all were brilliant. He's also told me that his originally planned one book story set between his first two quartets is now a trilogy.. And that The Numinator thread will be tied up in The second book in te Curse on the Chosen... Among other things...... i've emailed him a couple of times and he is a really nice person view post


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