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Will you ever write nonfiction? posted 31 May 2006, 06:05 by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

My friends and I devoured the whole series and were talking and thought it would be [i:22f42vgh]so cool[/i:22f42vgh] if you wrote a nonfiction book. Also, I was wondering if you use or have used any illicit substances [i:22f42vgh]including[/i:22f42vgh] coffee, cigarettes, and/or alcohol during the authoring of the PoN series. Of course, you don't have to respond to any of this. view post

posted 02 Jun 2006, 17:06 by Scilvenas, Auditor

Considering how tight the prose is, I'd be surprised if it was fuelled by anything other than caffeine and nicotine. view post

posted 06 Jan 2007, 13:01 by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

Follow-up: a friend tells me that there is some critical essays by Bakker posted somewhere on the web, but couldn't tell me where to find them. Any clues??? view post

posted 08 Jan 2007, 14:01 by borfalkian, Candidate

Of course. Mr. Bakker has a PhD. You can read his dissertation "brief" on the web if you have access to a university library's information network...or you can buy it through one of the sites that sell dissertation. I think he said he went to Vanderbilt in one of his interviews. Be prepared for dense philosophy. Academic writing is not at all like prose fiction. view post


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