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Wikipedia posted 24 May 2006, 17:05 by Kingmanor, Candidate

Is this too spoilerriffic? view post

posted 24 May 2006, 19:05 by mr nobuddy, Candidate

Pretty much... -by the way, is the general consensus that this is the meaning of the title? I had a slightly different idea about it.... A suggestion (I do suck at this, but I gave it my best shot -it doesn't change much, but it seperates the spoilers from the introduction, and you can write a short summary after this): "The Thousandfold Thought is the third book in the Prince of Nothing series by Scott Bakker. It was published in January 2006. The book is the final chapter in the trilogy "Prince of Nothing", and documents the fate of the Holy War and the Warrior-Prophet. *Spoilers Below* -Wikipedia has such a tag, I believe? The title, Thousandfold Thought, was also envisioned and set into play by Anasûrimbor Moënghus. It is the union of the warring faiths of Inrithism and Fanimry under the rule of the Warrior Prophet and Aspect-Emperor of the Three Seas, Anasûrimbor Kellhus, in order to better prepare for the resurrection of the No-God Mog-Pharau by his Consult and the Second Apocalypse he shall bring. view post


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