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Terry Brooks Armaggedon's Children posted 22 May 2006, 00:05 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Any Terry Brooks fans out there. I was just really ecstatic when i heard about Armageddon's Children coming out I think its awesome taht hes linking his two series. More info here [url:1363lcll][/url:1363lcll] Any thoughts on it. view post

posted 18 Aug 2006, 23:08 by noodles0585, Peralogue

i never read any terry brooks before is he good and whats his best book/series so i know i am looking for because right now i am currently reading MBoF so after that i will check him out. view post

posted 19 Aug 2006, 18:08 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

The Shannara series is his best he also has the Knigth of the Word books which i have yet to read but will tie into his new book Armageddon's Children. view post


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