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Taking Bakker's interpretation into real-world occultism posted 27 Apr 2006, 19:04 by Fell, Peralogue

Just thought I'd share some of the inspiration that is spreading around due to Scott's wonderful interpretation of sorcery. May be of interest to fans of the books who've been looking for some more esoteric resources, too! [url=]Barbelith > Temple[/url:ab3slv7f] Popular underground forum with a large occult following, with some interesting relations to alchemical elements [url=]Occult Design[/url:ab3slv7f] A blog I run where I post on design and esoteric subjects; this post was when I first starting to see the actual real-world implications that Bakker's context could have [url=][/url:ab3slv7f] Discussions about sorcery, wherein Scott's definition has been reposted to further understandings and debate view post

For me what's more interesting posted 30 Apr 2006, 00:04 by Einzig, Commoner

For me what's more interesting in terms of applying the trilogy to Occultism is to the underlying philosophies. For example: Thelema gives an answer to the problem of 'being trapped' by mechanical determinism. You could see Thelemic magic as being a mix of anagogic and Dunyain type philosophies. I think these books are a must read for the occult communities in fact as they illustrate many of the core concepts behind chaos magics relativism and the Thelemic predicament described above. view post


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