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FAN ART posted 20 Apr 2006, 02:04 by Edge of Certainty, Subdidact

ok, well, after using and re-using the Q&A thread i posted about fan art, i figured i would post a thread here for you guys to post your fanart... can't wait to see what you guys come up with....oh, you can post other art stuff here if you want to view post

posted 20 Apr 2006, 03:04 by Metaver, Candidate

YAY! *wacks self* Erm, this is great! =B *laughs like maniac* You guys can prolly tell that I love this... XP [i:3tw38lxw]The next two are my own creations:[/i:3tw38lxw] ... etaver.jpg [i:3tw38lxw]This one was my attempt to draw a friend from the chat that showed his picture:[/i:3tw38lxw] [i:3tw38lxw]And this, I was seing a japanese movie called Infection and decided to pause the DVD to draw the nurse (she's supposedly crazy after she got infected and is stabbing/practecing injecting with the serinje on herself): [/i:3tw38lxw] ... Ncopy1.bmp --------------------------------------------------- Crap... I think I got too excited and posted too much... I'll do Akka's pic later... and yes, probably even chibi version Edge of Certainty. =P view post

posted 20 Apr 2006, 18:04 by Metaver, Candidate

Uhm, I made a character and I don't know who it is exactly... O-o I also drew what I imagined as Akka walking through the Worm, you can only see him from his back tough (didn't put many details on it =/), and of course Esmenet! ... owChar.jpg ... heWorm.jpg ... smenet.jpg view post

posted 21 Apr 2006, 01:04 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

I like the Esmenet picture you did a nice job. view post

posted 21 Apr 2006, 20:04 by Edge of Certainty, Subdidact

I like your style, Metaver. Anyone who can appreciate the complexity of anime/manga (or hentai...hehe) is cool in my book. Keep on postn' far, the only thing i have done is a picture of what i think Paro Inrau looks like. (that's my avatar)...nothing else yet...working on akka view post

posted 27 Apr 2006, 03:04 by Virus, Candidate

Cnaiur = [img:35v4mltd][/img:35v4mltd] + [img:35v4mltd][/img:35v4mltd] + [img:35v4mltd][/img:35v4mltd] + [url=][img:35v4mltd][/img:35v4mltd][/url:35v4mltd] view post

posted 28 Apr 2006, 09:04 by Curethan, Didact

Cnaiur [img:qs5jj0fa][/img:qs5jj0fa] + scars view post

posted 30 Apr 2006, 17:04 by Virus, Candidate

[url=][img:r34rripe][/img:r34rripe][/url:r34rripe] Khellus & Cnaiur & Swazond??? view post


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