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Climate and Terrain of the Three Seas posted 06 Apr 2006, 16:04 by Peter, Auditor

I was just wondering about the nature of the climate and terrain iin the Three Seas. I can easily picture Kian and sort of see Nansur (North Africa/near east for Kian and Greeceish for Nansur), and have some image of Nron (actually despite how far south it is I see it sort of as isalnds in the Channel (cold, wet, with not much happening)), but the Eastern Three Seas I find difficult to see or understand. For instance, I see Galeoth and Thuneryus as being colder and wetter in general, but they are close to the same lattitude as Nansur (I suppose currents might do something, kinda like Eastern Seaboard in the US and Northern Europe). But I am really stumped for Conriya, Ce Tydonn and High Ainon. I ask because, as I think I have mentioned elsewhere I am looking to roleplay (well dm) in Earwa and at the moment I can't get a great feel for the actual places (the people yes)... If you could just give a brief idea I'd be really grateful, thanks. view post


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