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back to what comes before ...why Esmenet? posted 30 Mar 2006, 08:03 by nvyxxus_negus, Commoner

ok; why Esmenet? going back to TDTCB, i've studied her person. in the chapters on Esmi, we see men of all walks of life coming to her room, paying her, some abandoning her eventually (shrial priest). seems pretty basic. but because i got stalled on Inrau's death scene, i noted Inrau's homage to the goddess Onkis -and that tiny, ambiguous definition of 'the Aspect' she brings-and started drawing parallels. In the ch's. following on Esmenet, we see a shrial priest, a soldier, and various other representations of 'men' worshipping at the whore's altar, right? (Of course there's Achamian- but she refuses to take money from him. 'Not YOU too,' she says.) if esmenet is an archetype of Onkis, then who does Drusas represent, eh? or kellhus? is Onkis more kindly disposed to sorcerers, or is it just Esmi's desire for the intellectual? (Onkis DID answer Inrau's prayers, though not in the manner he'd hoped, i bet.) or maybe she just senses SINCERITY -though even that might only hold her momentarily. (why does her favor end up so highly sought-after? 'jealous of a whore-?' the customer Achamian spies on asks.) There's also the incident, just after Achamian departs, when (what i assume is) the Synthese comes to Esmi and draws a normally pragmatic whore into throes of bestial pleasure. rem. he plops a gold coin onto her belly -she stares at it, thinking of real 'truths.' However we also see that this incident -the synthese's power- upsets Esmenet; she says her intellect questions where her body has been all too easily led. (maybe, but she was STILL led, whether by a need for food or a desire to remain 'her own.') i assume the 'intellect' is a part of Esmenet that she cherishes-and also the portion of her makeup that Achamian appeals to. She also makes statements in these ch's. about 'truth,' and 'games'-'there is TRUTH in a game,' and the time she tells Achamian that men cannot touch truth with their fingers, cannot capture it, only claim it, etc. (now look ahead and see Kellhus' followers saying, 'Truth shines.') Can these intermittent allusions to 'games' figure in the grander scheme? of course they can/probably do! Likewise, there is a ch. mixed in w/Achamian in Batathent, and then later at the camp of Xinemus, where the two men play benjuka- Achamian [u:3olagzgw]always[/u:3olagzgw] gets the stone, and ponders why. these things are going to be momentous, i think. ever take and look for the word 'more' over a few chapters? esmenet's ch's have that word quite often -men wanting to be 'more;' they always want to be 'more.' Onkis/Aspect. i hate to think mr. bakker set the entirety up this precisely -more likely it's my imagination, but the man IS a philosopher and the first book took 15 yrs. to write. on second thought, i don't hate to think it at all-but the parallels are mind boggling, if you go back to 'what comes before' and reconsider. this is almost like a study challenge from college-! (hmm -another parallel ... ) view post

posted 30 Mar 2006, 15:03 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

the only thing i can think of to say, at the moment, is that you need to learn to break up your paragraphs. that was terribly hard on the eyes. view post

posted 30 Mar 2006, 15:03 by nvyxxus_negus, Commoner

i can see my late arrival is showing- sorry for the lengthy posts. i just wonder if anyone sees any of the same... i'll search the old discussions instead and hope not to offend further :oops: . view post

posted 30 Mar 2006, 15:03 by Spamoram, Candidate

I think you need to edit the original post with some decent punctuation and spacing. Just to entice more people to read it. It took me 3 tries to read it and I still don't see the connection between Esmenet and Onkis. view post

posted 27 Apr 2006, 03:04 by talek, Candidate

At one point, Serwe thinks something about her friends, namely that they are really gods - why can't they see it? So perhaps Esmenet [i:3070fqv7]is[/i:3070fqv7] a goddess (or a representation/manifestation thereof), she just doesn't know it. view post

posted 27 Apr 2006, 13:04 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

[quote="talek":1ob6719e]At one point, Serwe thinks something about her friends, namely that they are really gods - why can't they see it? So perhaps Esmenet [i:1ob6719e]is[/i:1ob6719e] a goddess (or a representation/manifestation thereof), she just doesn't know it.[/quote:1ob6719e] Doubtful, I just don't think it would fit well with the feel of the world Scott's been building for us. Personal opinion of course but I would be a little dissapointed if things headed in that direction, it just doesn't seem like his style. view post


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