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Batathent -a palm cupped round the remnants of civilization posted 30 Mar 2006, 07:03 by nvyxxus_negus, Commoner

returning to TDTCB, i saw in Achamian's journey from Sumna to Momemn that a certain city, Batathent, where Drusas camped for the night, was described by the sorcerer as 'a cupped palm cradling the glowing remnants of civilization' during the First Apocalypse. This reference drew me forward in the books to the 'glowing' palms of Kellhus, and everyone's awe at the oddity. Even Kellhus himself wonders at it, during his con. w/Moenghus. Having run the gamut of possibilites where Kellhus is concerned -at the WCS considering the Dunyain the No-God himself, and at the best, some sort of saviour- I can't help but think that in truth, he may very well fall somewhere in-between. or even, somewhere 'outside.' (hah-! another consideration, if you consider the meaning of the 'outside' in the books.) Perhaps he will be an archetype of this ancient city, Batathent: a palm cupped around the remaining men of Earwa in the devastation(?) to come. Or perhaps his purpose is greater, if still somewhat beyond or 'outside' the considerations of the civilized world as it stands in TTT: perhaps he will serve as a protecting hand for the gods themselves. of course this could only be true if the gods somehow lost their deific powers -maybe with the No-God's return ..? I've already said that Esmenet seems to present an archetype of the goddess Onkis -maybe the gods are already walking the earth, in some portion(?). At one point in TTT, Kellhus tells Esmenet she will be 'the first,' in what appears to be a profound moment. Ok; 'the first' to what-? the first god to come under his protection? the first god to defect (and then, to defect to what, exactly)? to be deceived? to be made defunct? or is she just a woman in a position of unrealized power that he needs to win over? we know she's not really the first wife, so ... And Kellhus seems at times so ...oh, i.d.k. -manipulative, you wonder if his concerns are coming from a place of compassion (for men), or a thirst for total domination. But if -if!- his purposes are 'outside' of the two [u:1laeuxjq]extreme[/u:1laeuxjq] possibilities -Absolute power and domination, or Saviour of men- his coldness, his urgency in finding the Shortest Path, make more sense. He doesn't have to LIKE his methods, if he recognizes humanity's need of him -or the gods' need of him; time is of the essence if he is some sort of protector- he only has so much time to achieve his ends. (Too bad we have no certainty of what those ends are-! haha) The word No-God is also ambiguous -is the No-God an actual person, a living entity, or is it a 'state,' a state absented of the other 'hundred gods' presence, eh? This is why I considered him (Kellhus) as the No-God. He could represent a time period where mens' thoughts of the gods become sort of meaningless, in some way. view post

posted 30 Mar 2006, 15:03 by Spamoram, Candidate

Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but this post is just a huge blob of text. You make it even harder for readers by using shortcuts and acronyms. I only got half way through this post and my feeling on "cupped palms" is that the author favours that phrase. It has a nice ring to it. view post

posted 30 Mar 2006, 16:03 by Spamoram, Candidate

Yes, this forum doesn't seem to have enough contributors to encourage that chat type thing :p That's why I usually post my ideas and let them germinate for a week before looking in on replies. view post


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