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Robert Jordan diagnosed with Amyloidosis posted 28 Mar 2006, 04:03 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

[url=]Letter on Locusl[/url:6l39hucp] where RJ announces the recent diagnosis and his optimism and plans. I know alot of people like to bash the WoT series, but it is still one of my favourites in fantasy even if it can't compare to Scott or Erickson's work among others. There is only one book left in the series, which RJ intends to finish, but there is always that chance. Good to see he has such a positive attitude about it though. [/url] view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 13:03 by Xray the Enforcer, Auditor

Saw that. 2006 has been a bad feckin' year for SF/F. Octavia Butler and Stanislaw Lem are both gone, and RJ up for the fight of his life. I wish him much strength in the coming months. view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 14:03 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Indeed, it is good to see he is already booked into the Mayo clinic though, where he is going to receive the best care and treatment that he possibly can. His determination to live another thirty years regardless of his health is certainly going to help as well. Those with the will to survive and a positive attitutde definitly have a statsitically significant higher survival rate. view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 22:03 by AjDeath, Didact

Man if he isn't able to finish this series I will be fricking pissed. Wasted my time reading the last 20 books at least give me some damn closure. view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 23:03 by Xray the Enforcer, Auditor

yeah. worst case scenario = Kevin Anderson gets his claws on it and...oh, gods, I cannot bear to watch the carnage... view post

posted 29 Mar 2006, 01:03 by glaz, Peralogue

[quote="Xray the Enforcer":37boy5e0]yeah. worst case scenario = Kevin Anderson gets his claws on it and...oh, gods, I cannot bear to watch the carnage...[/quote:37boy5e0] Hah! i wish RJ all the best, though. i must admit, im new in reading the fantasy genre, and RJ and WoT are the main reasons, it being the first ive read. view post

posted 29 Mar 2006, 04:03 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

There is only the one book left to wrap up the WoT main storyline, and I'm assuming it is already started. RJ mentions it on his blog and that is his primary focus other than his treatment. There is always the chance that the worst happens but I'm prefering to think positive on this one. view post

posted 10 Apr 2006, 05:04 by swazond, Commoner

definitely wish RJ a speedy recovery. WoT is one of my favorites. Every time a new book comes out, I re-read the entire series. I tried telling the story to someone once. Took at least 5 hours! It needs to end!! view post

posted 22 Apr 2006, 21:04 by DarkMatter, Peralogue

I just hope RJ will be ok, for his family's, and friends' sake. But, I'll be dissapointed if he won't finish the books. He looks very good with a shaved head, and I think he'll make it through this just fine. view post

posted 22 Apr 2006, 22:04 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

He's a fighter and I have every reason to believe he is going to battle this through. I'm also sure he and Harriet have a contingency plan if the worst happens... God forbid *knocks on wood* I wish him all the best. view post

posted 25 Apr 2006, 03:04 by Curethan, Didact

Really enjoyed the first few books, but then the padding started getting silly. I have persisted however, and look forward to the final volume. Having met the man, it's horrible to hear of his condition, but I can't help thinking that the way he slowed the last seven books down led to an astonishing amount of negative thoughts being directed his way. I know I have been guilty of wishing cancer on him a number of times as a way of getting him to speed things up. (Go on tell me you haven't) Hopefully he will recover, and so will the story. (Hey, anyone care to hazard a guess at how many times he has used the phrase "she folded her arms beneath her breasts"? - dunno where else you'ld fold 'em) view post

posted 25 Apr 2006, 18:04 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Meh, I don't think he was padding or deliberately slowing things down at all. He is just overly enamoured of too much detail and elaborate description. As someone who appreciates world building as much as story I actually enjoyed all of the books, even when they got slow. Book 11 really showed how crucial everything else was, that big web of connections and subplots that he wove... well he gave a few tugs and things clicked into place all across the board. Yea things got a little slow, and he isn't the best storyteller in the world, but I think he gets more flak than he deserves because like it or not he's one of the guys sitting on top of the fantasy heap right now and everyone likes to pick on the big guy :) view post

posted 26 Apr 2006, 11:04 by Curethan, Didact

Yeah, 'tis true. I tend to get a bit carried away... Overall the story is very good, but it could easily be about two or three volumes shorter imo. But I still buy each copy as it is released and devour it in a day, so I can't really say that it is bad. Guess I just like whinging. :wink: view post

posted 18 Aug 2006, 23:08 by noodles0585, Peralogue

i hope jordan does recover. well with that said i did enjoy the first several books then came the fillers and then 9 was good and ten was crap and 11 was awesome hopefully he will end it with 12 and that should be awesome too hope so or i wasted years of my life so i guess i just have to wait and see. and hope and pray that i don't get screwed over but i do wish him the best with his recovery. and yes i too feel guilty for being frustrated and wishing ill upon him then he gets ill so i really hope he makes it. view post


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