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Hugo Nominees Announced -- Weirdness Ensues posted 22 Mar 2006, 12:03 by Xray the Enforcer, Auditor

So, the Hugo Noms have been announced: [url:grqxm6s9][/url:grqxm6s9]. The weirdness? Neil Gaiman's [u:grqxm6s9]Anansi Boys[/u:grqxm6s9] is not on there. It was not the most awesome book of 2005, to be sure, but Gaiman has a much broader audience (and hence more chances to make it onto a ballot) than most. Of course, [u:grqxm6s9]TWP[/u:grqxm6s9] isn't on there either (bastards), but I can only bribe so many people (like, one) before it starts cutting into my food budget. :wink: Other interesting news: AFFC was nominated, which would make this the second year running that fantasy didn't get the middle finger from the voters. (last year, JS&MN walked away with the rocketship). view post

posted 21 Jun 2006, 08:06 by Brys, Candidate

I don't know why TWP wasn't on there - it really deserved to be, and The Warrior Prophet was a far superior novel to A Feast for Crows. AFFC is the only fantasy novel, but it has a chance of winning, though I don't think it deserves to. I haven't read Anansi Boys, but knowing the quality of Gaiman's work, it's a bit strange it didn't make it to the shortlist - but I haven't read all of the novels on the shortlist, so they might have been good enough to push it out. I also would have expected Vellum by Hal Duncan and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro to get on. But Vellum hadn't been released in the US by that time, so it wouldn't have stood a chance of winning, and Never Let Me Go had already been shortlisted for the Booker prize. view post


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