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To be Awake posted 14 Mar 2008, 16:03 by internalogic, Commoner

This is a really significant concept that has come up from time to time. Who in the book thus far has been said to be 'awake'? We can assume that all who have completed Dunyain training are at least basically awake. Cnaiur is said to be awake. Finally, Achamian in The Thousandfold Thought attains this state of being Awake. What do you think it refers to? I am heavily influenced by my own studies and practices in the past, but, for my part, being awake means having an experiential (not merely intellectual) grasp of consciousness itself as an object. Most people live life through our consciousnesses. Someone curses us and we are angry. My wife kisses me and I'm happy. Eventually, we might ask ourselves, 'What is my experience made of?' Is it just some agglomeration of neuroendocrine responses, habitual patterned responses of action and perception developed over time, associations of memory and attention? What is this experience made of? (Think Oliver Sacks) This is one of the questions that prompts people to maintain a practice of contemplative enquiry (i.e. meditation). What does one find when one pursues such a path? I don't know. But our oldest living traditions of contemplative practice all seem to result in what could be called Anatomies of Consciousness. See for example, 'The Five Skandhas' concept of the dharmic religions. I'll stop here. view post


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