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Mythago Wood (Robert Holdstock) posted 17 Mar 2006, 02:03 by Zarathinius, Auditor

Okay, does anyone agree with me when I say that [i:g3bs2949]Mythago Wood[/i:g3bs2949] is one of the top <insert total number of favorite books> fantasy books ever written? Great characters, personal motivation, and all-around fantasy awesomeness. Obviously, any literary critic can point out problems with it if they try hard enough, but really, what is there that makes this book less than one of the very best? view post

posted 17 Mar 2006, 04:03 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Ive heard good things about Mythago Wood but never personally read it I guess i should. view post

posted 21 Mar 2006, 01:03 by Zarathinius, Auditor

Yeah, it's definately worth the time. Few books, I think, are able to create a sense of reality in a fantasy setting as effectively as Mythago Wood. On the other hand, I'm not as impressed by Robert Holdstock's other work, but that's just my opinion. view post

posted 22 Mar 2006, 06:03 by stormchaser, Candidate

"Mythago Wood" is one of my very favorite fantasies, by all means read it if you haven't yet. I agree that Holdstock's other work does not rise to quite the same level, but if you like "Mythago" you should at least check out "Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn". This book chronicles the adventures of the brother of the hero in "Mythago Wood", but what's interesting is that this character was actually the villain in "Mythago", whereas in "Gate", which takes place before the events in "Mythago", he's the hero. Holdstock has written several other books set in the same haunted locale, but the two I mention are by far the best in the series. view post


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