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Signing of my German edition of the Price of Nothing books posted 13 Mar 2008, 07:03 by ccku, Commoner

Hi, as I am a great fan of the three books by R Scott Bakker - one of the best and original fantasy I ever read - I have an uncommon request. As Mr Bakker won´t come to Germany - he would be very welcome here - I was wondering, if I could get my books signed via parcel-post. I would send the books and enclose return postage etc - that is understood, and whoever is so helpfull could get the books signed and send them back? Take Care Carsten view post

posted 13 Mar 2008, 22:03 by Harrol, Moderator

Scott, Does not come here very often if at all. I recommend contacting the publisher to see if they could help you. view post


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