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The trackless sea...(and some other questions) posted 08 Mar 2006, 04:03 by VJustin, Commoner

Hey everyone, I was just re-reading TWP and stumbled across an interesting line. Just before the battle on the Sempis River, Cnaiur walks into the Meneanor Sea to wash his broadsword (pg 291). He then contemplates the tracklessness of the sea. He then wonders "What is it his father had said of the sea"? I fear I have missed this subtlty. Was it mentioned earlier what his father had said of the sea? Also, if I may ask a few other random questions I've stumbled across. I've seen Earl Cerjulla mentioned as being one of the Lords commanding the reserves at the Battle of the River Sempis. What nation is he a member of and where have we seen him before? Also, the Agmundrmen under Earl Cynnae. What nationality are they? And is it just me or were they not mentioned at the Battle of the River Sempis. I do remember them being mentioned often on the planes of Mengedda. Also, I remember Iryssas being mentioned as being Majordomo t Xinemus's house because he is the youngest son of Xin's only suriving uncle. What does Majordomo mean? It can't be heir if he is the youngest son. Also for that matter, what are the differences between Potentate, and Palatine? This is something I have often wondered. If anyone has any of these answers and any page numbers I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! view post


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