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plucked out heart posted 23 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Andrew, Peralogue

Before TTT came out there was a discussion about the scene from WP when kellus came down from the tree and it said that he removed his heart from his chest. We couldn't figure it out at the time and the suggestion was that it was Serwe's heart removed from her chest. However, in TTT this is picked up and it is said (by an eye witness) that he truly reached into his own chest and pulled out his heart. So the question is, what the heck actually happened? Clearly Kellus didn't pull his own heart out. I'm thinking that if he did, he would have performed said trick or offered its occurence as proof of divinity to his father. However, supposing that Kellus pre-arranged everything and had some other dude's heart stashed in his shirt, then there is the problem that a fresh heart looks far different from a 3 day old heart. a 3 day old heart will be all dried and crusty. a fresh heart will be wet and streaming fresh blood. I suppose the men of the tusk might not have considered the distinction relevant - they would hardly imagine that Kellus would have pre-planned everything to the extent of "& then, when i get cut down from the tree i shall whip out this heart ...". BUt they would certainly be able to tell the difference between a crusty old heart and a fresh recently beating heart. I would think that they would be suspicious of a guy pulling a crusty heart from his own chest. Not to mention that you don't just put a heart in your breast pocket and no one can tell. More like, "is that a heart in your shirt or are you happy to see me?" Thoughts? view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Scott has answered this on the Q&A board and apologized for the sequence being unclear. Kellhus didn't rip out his own heart (I can't remember if he said if it was Serwe's or no heart) but it was basically all a product of sleight of hand/stage showing or what have you. Basically it was a fake :) I'm too lazy to find the link to the exact thread where Scott described it but you should be able to find it on that board easy enough. ;) view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 00:02 by unJon, Auditor

My good deed for the day. [url:sfgpvdqd][/url:sfgpvdqd] view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Andrew, Peralogue

yeah, i'm sure it was a fake - my issue was more that a fresh heart doesn't look like a 3 day old heart. Blood starts to clot within minutes of death. Men of the tusk have seen their fair share of blood. I'm surprised they wouldn't realize that there was an absence of fresh blood. Although, i suppose if you believe he has just torn out his heart, it is not hard to further believe that he can keep his hands clean while doing so... view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 01:02 by unJon, Auditor

Did you read the other thread? It was Serwe's heart, so I don't think anyone watching would think it was fresh. view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 01:02 by Andrew, Peralogue

no. it wasn't serwe's heart. that was only Whitelord's erroneous opinion. He seemed to think it was obvious from the text. rather not! And in any case, think about it: what would be so fantastic about ripping out the heart of your dead lover?? what about said act would instill necessary reverance and awe?? More like "oh heavens what is he doing??" However - in TTT one of the characters clearly says "i saw him tear out his own fucking heart". or something like that. view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 01:02 by unJon, Auditor

I think that the answer is that it was Serwe's heart but through slight of hand everyone watching thought it was his heart. The text [b:1ccenwk5]does[/b:1ccenwk5] clearly say "He brandished Serwe's burning heart." But your question is still applicable, because if the people thought it was Kellhus's heart but it was really a three day old heart... view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 03:02 by Andrew, Peralogue

yeah i forgot about the "burning heart" bit. well here's the whole bit for the purposes of discussion: [i:fczm077m]Tears roared down his cheeks. With haloed hand, he reached beneath his breast, firmly wrested the heart from his ribs. He thrust it high to the thunder of their adulation. Beads of blood seemed to crack the stone at his feet...He glimpsed Sarcellus's uncoiled face. I see... "They said!" he cried in a booming voice, and the howling chorus trailed into silence. "They said that I was False, that I caused the anger of the God to burn against us!" He looked into their wasted faces, answered their fevered eyes. He brandished Serwe's burning heart. "But I say that we--WE!--are that anger!".[/i:fczm077m] So i guess the answer is, the way it is written, he had Serwe's heart and it was still dripping blood. I suppose that one might have to chalk it up to an inadvertant author error. ain't no beads of blood falling from a 3 day dead heart. view post

posted 23 Feb 2006, 15:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Well, since people thought that Kellhus had ripped out his own hear perhaps the "dripping blood" wasn't literal either, just something the viewers attributed to the event. view post


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