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house of leaves posted 21 Feb 2006, 00:02 by painbird, Candidate

has anyone read this book? i just started it a few days ago. it is a very creepy book so far but i am bit worried about the odd structure that fills up the second half. any comments? view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 10:02 by Peter, Auditor

Worth reading. A little pretentious and self-indulgent I would say, but definitely worth reading. I am even running an Unknown Armies game based on it right now (RPG). view post

posted 16 Mar 2006, 22:03 by Edge of Certainty, Subdidact

I haven't read it, but I have a friend who did....he's usually a pretty sober person but he said when he read this book he couldn't stop crying because "somthing was wrong".....sounds like a pretty intense book. also, I liked the dwarf nun joke in it...that was pretty random. view post

posted 16 Mar 2006, 23:03 by painbird, Candidate

i finished it the other day and it was a very intriguing read. i can't say i understood everything or even half of everything but the book was very sad and has a very bleak feeling to it. view post


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