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Kelly Link's stories and other recommendations posted 20 Feb 2006, 08:02 by rossb, Commoner

Having just panned David Mitchell's stupid book "Cloud Atlas" in a previous thread, I thought I should at least offer a suggestion or two of things that [i:1ohobc0k]are[/i:1ohobc0k] worth reading and which might be less well known. Kelly Link's two volumes of stories, "Stranger Things Happen" and "Magic for Beginniners" operate on the borders of fantasy. Her ideas are original her characters engaging, and the stories are very entertaining. She is a very, very good writer. A writer who might appeal to Bakker fans is Lawrence Durrell, whose ethereal "Alexandria Quartet" and the two volume "Revolt of Aphrodite" (also occasionally available separately as "Tunc" and "Nunquam") are not exactly fantasy but do have a kind of hyper-real sensibility that might appeal to readers on this forum. John Crowley's "The Deep" and "Engine Summer" (the two novels also available with the lesser "Beasts" in the omnibus "Otherwise") are fabulous (literally and figuratively) fantasy novels. Cynthia Ozick's "The Puttermesser Papers" is not genre fantasy but does have some fantasy elements and is certainly one of the best books written in the last few years (will she win a Nobel prize?). Finally, although totally unrelated to fantasy, I just can't stop myself from recommending my literary hero, Henry James (start anywhere, but particularly "The Portrait of a Lady", "The Wings of the Dove" or "The Ambassadors") to realise just how good literature can be, and how nonsense like "Cloud Atlas" becomes an insignificant mote of dust by comparison. view post


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