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do chorea last posted 13 Feb 2006, 18:02 by Redclaw, Commoner

if a chorea touchs one of the few, does the chorea survive the encounter. i.e are chorea used up? Also how do the schools discover the few to traain them in socery view post

Re: Chorae and Schools posted 13 Feb 2006, 19:02 by kremen, Commoner

Well, I gotta say, I'm not sure on part one. Part two I would think could be solved simply - if each school has agents all over the Three Seas, and only the Few can see the Few, wouldn't the agents just recruit? view post

posted 13 Feb 2006, 19:02 by Twayleph, Auditor

[quote:2li6b44w]if a chorea touchs one of the few, does the chorea survive the encounter[/quote:2li6b44w] Fortunately for the Three-Seas, yes they do. Chorae are inscribed with runes that dispel sorcery and kill sorcerers (note that there's a distinction between the Few and sorcerers), but the Chorae themselves don't seem to be affected by this. After all, they've existed for millenia and seem to work just fine. [quote:2li6b44w]Also how do the schools discover the few to traain them in socery[/quote:2li6b44w] Good question; I'd guess that perhaps the Schools regularly test the children of the surrounding cities to discover if they are of the Few. Despite the scriptural damnation of sorcerers, many would gladly leave their life of misery and poverty to access the power of sorcery - like Achamian, per example. But for those who don't know that they are of the Few, or don't want to reveal it, I don't know. The saying "Only the Few can see the Few" leads to confusion; it would be more accurate to say "Only the Few can see sorcerers". If you've never practised sorcery, then the only way to ascertain whether you're one of the Few, could to be by indirect measures such as the Wathi Doll in TWP. view post

posted 14 Feb 2006, 05:02 by Cynical Cat, Auditor

It seems that whether or not the subject wants to join in somewhat irrelevant in some cases. The Mandate recruiters beat Akka's dad and just took him when he was a child. I don't see the power hungry Scarlet Spires being too willing to take a no in their territory. view post

posted 14 Feb 2006, 12:02 by Twayleph, Auditor

It is relevant in that those who don't want to join, therefore won't reveal that they are of the Few, which means that the Schools would have to resort to indirect means, like the Wathi Doll. It seems somewhat tedious to ask every child in every village to pronounce a phrase, (and correct them when they stumble, force those who don't want to, etc.) In Achamian's case, he kept shouting "Atyersus! Atyersus!", and probably went back telling everyone in the village he was one of the Few, which would simplify the Mandate's job a lot. Just go in, test that one kid and beat his father senseless if it needs to be done. view post

posted 15 Feb 2006, 15:02 by Egaragoras, Candidate

As for the first question, it would seem that Chorae do survive after use. Otherwise, there likely wouldn't be very many left in the Three Seas. view post

posted 17 Feb 2006, 16:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Chorae definitely do survive. As for recruitment, most schools have networks of informants always on the lookout for potential child 'recruits,' - a process which is difficult because, as Twaleph says, it's up to the child to betray the ability. Many of the Few never practice sorcery, and some are recruited by the Thousand Temples to serve in the College of Luthymae. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 04:02 by Inner_visions, Candidate

I'm somewhat confused to how much a chorae needs to touch the Sorceror? In Inrau's case it's very hard to tell whether he dies from one touch or if it's held on him. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 05:02 by Mog-Pharau, Peralogue

It seems to depend on how heavily Marked the sorceror in question is. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 16:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Most human Sorcerors seem to need to be directly touched by a Chorae to be affected. It was said some of the Non-men Quya could not come within yards of a Chorae without becoming salt. The difference here would be the Quya have much longer lifespans than human sorcerors and similarly are much heavier Marked, making them more susceptible to the Chorae. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 18:02 by unJon, Auditor

And remember in Inrau's case, he had only been casting Cants for a minute or so before the Chorae touches him, so he his Mark is about as weak as it gets. The Chorae didn't kill him, just singed the part it touched to salt. He committed suicide by jumping off of the platform. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 18:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Yea, thats how I remeber it anyway view post

posted 28 Feb 2006, 13:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Yes, the depth of the Mark is proportional to the amount of sorcery cast, and the severity of the Chorae is proportional the depth of the Mark. view post


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