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Cnaiur (spoilers for TTT) posted 07 Feb 2006, 22:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Scott, After reading TTT I thought it fairly obvious that Cnaiur had died, that being the combination of him talking of the final swazond and Achamian later telling us that Cniaur, like Eleazaras, Conphas and Serwe, was no longer to be seen. Since all three of those were confirmed dead I assumed Cnaiur to be fit in that list as truly dead as well. From a story arc point of view it makes perfect sense for him to be finished now, but in any case, can you confirm that he did indeed die? view post

posted 07 Feb 2006, 23:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I was afraid of this question, simply because I knew that anyone who asked would likely [i:3c0oq8o5]hate[/i:3c0oq8o5] my answer. All I can say is that I thought long and hard about that ending, and had dozens of discussions about it with those who read the first draft. As it stands, I think it's perfect, it's the way Cnaiur's arc simply [i:3c0oq8o5]has[/i:3c0oq8o5] to end. Beyond that... view post

posted 07 Feb 2006, 23:02 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

In other words, in his own way, Cnaiür had the Frodo ending? ;) view post

posted 08 Feb 2006, 17:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Well Scott, you're right, that is somewhat frustrating an answer ;) What I take from that is that we will like see Cnaiur back after all, but probably not the Cnaiur that we have known sofar. A Cnaiur allied with the Consult perhaps? On the other hand, what purpose would he serve twenty years into the future? Wouldn't it be time for a new generation? What children will Kellhus father on Esmenet? Will he take more wives, given the goal of spreading the Anasurimbor blood? What'll become of Little Moenghus? I mean, Cnaiur would be a 65 year old Scylvendi by that time, way past his prime, if he should continue to live "a natural life". view post

posted 08 Feb 2006, 23:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Pretty much all of the characters from The Darkness that Comes Before will be quite well aged by the time of the Aspect-Emperor, I'm actually quite eager to see how this will change people and what impact the next generation will play. After all little Moenghus will be 20, a man grown in his own right. The child of Kellhus and Esmenet will also be about 20 and fully grown... and half Dunyain in breeding. It should be an exciting time. The Scylvendi were on the side of the Consult during the First Apocalypse, I fully expect them to be during the Second as well, following their dead God. Of course I am fully prepared to be thrown a curve ball on this by Scott. :) view post

posted 14 Feb 2006, 23:02 by Egaragoras, Candidate

They had had a sexual relationship. I thought this was fairly evident even in the first book-- the events in TTT (namely Cnaiur's rape of Conphas and the end scene) just make it explicit. The kiss was likely BOTH a means to an end and a product of his true feelings. Without this paradox born of Cnaiur's insanity, Moengus would have realized what Cnaiur intended before he was murdered. Cnaiur's mental state allowed him to act essentially on a whim, making his actions unpredictable and unreadable. view post

posted 14 Feb 2006, 23:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Exactly Egaragoras, thats how I took it as well :) Although I was a hold out before I decided whether or not Cnaiur and Moenghus actually had a sexual relationship because I knew it would be made clear one way or the other in TTT :) view post

posted 17 Feb 2006, 16:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

All I'll add is a reminder of the scene between Kellhus and Cnaiur following the Battle of Anwurat. How does a Dunyain read someone with multiple, contradictory intentions? view post

posted 28 Feb 2006, 20:02 by Ikiru, Candidate

Plus, immediately upon Killing Moenghus, Cnaiur wails something like, "No, don't leave me again!" What could be more contradictory than killing someone, only to curse them for leaving you? It seems pretty clear that the kiss had multiple intentions in Cnaiur's world of contradictory emotions. view post


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