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The Few and Kellhus posted 07 August 2005 in The Warrior ProphetThe Few and Kellhus by H, Auditor

Quote: "White Lord":qaz51r21
Just another short comment on the vision Kellhus has of the No-God.

Clearly the tree is connected to the No-God, so how are we to take it that a symbol of wisdom is associated to an entity we have till now viewed as evil?

Is there more to the No-God than meets the eye?

That his actions promise no good to humanity is to me certain, still I'm used to Scott always twisting meanings, making it hard to pigeonhole anyone that I'm starting to think that "pigeonholing" the No-God definitely right now could be a little premature . . .[/quote:qaz51r21]

I've been unable to shake the idea that the No-God is not at all 'evil" since i first read the book and heard the name 'No-God'.

Perhaps the No-God represents the fact that so called 'divine power' is not in fact divine, but in fact a development of knowledge into 'true' wisdom. The tree from the No-God makes perfect sense then, as he is the pinnacle of the theory of transcendental power sans the God or gods-hence the name No-God.

Doesn't seem so far off from what Kellhus has as he comes off the tree, he has recieved transcendental wisdom, not from a God, but from within, from the Thousandfold Thought. view post


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