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Erikson? posted 01 August 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionErikson? by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Look, my husband is a MAJOR literature snob. He's all comp lit and theory and all that. One of his favorite writers, who he claims is a techical master is Tolstoy. Tolstoy makes me want to cry. His books are so boring that I don't care if he is a technical master, I still can't get through the three page description of LACE at the bottom of women's dresses without gagging.

And when I gave him TDTCB to read he kept spluttering about how it was not technically good writing - limited is what he called it. But he finished the book and snuck TWP off my shelf and speed read it while I was out of town. So even though it didn't fall into his category of high literature, he couldn't put it down in spite of himself.

I'm going to give him Erikson soon and I expect to have to hear complaints and criticisms, but he's be a hostage to the series, I know it already.

As for me, I do think that Erikson's writing style is - according to my standards - tighter than Bakker's. But I think Bakker's thought is more developped and focused than Erikson's. There are moments in Erikson's books where I am not sure I like what is being implied about power and empire. Sometimes I think the ethical dimensions he is flushing out are ideologically motivated rather than exploratory. But it's still pretty complex and hard to pin down and I always end up second guessing my own suspicions. Still, I sometimes think the hard to pin down part is more a result of clumsiness than purposefulness.

Still, Erikson is one of my favorites. I like Kay too, as different as they are. The man can tell a pretty good story. view post


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