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Getting the words down. posted 10 April 2004 in Writing TipsGetting the words down. by Malarion, Candidate

Sorry to hear about your dispair, Sovin. Imagining is a fun bit about the writing process, and the easiest...sometimes. Given practise, however, I think you'll eventually find that the writing part will eventually grow to fill that role. I was the same as ou once, completely embittered against my own style, but keeping at it makes a real diference. Type away a complete pile of rubbish, by all means, and then bin it. After that you'll find you've stepped up a league. Writing, like everything, is not easy. Practice makes perfect.

And so I'll add my agreement to what Euron said. Get it all down, and then go back and edit. If you edit entirely as you write you'll never get going.
Also, and this is important in Fantasy writing. Get your world right. Get your story right. on it. It will take an unimaginable amount of dedication to succeed.

In my case, I've been working on it since I was 10. I'm now 27 and I'm still learning.

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