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Any Chance of a Worldcon appearance? posted 14 July 2005 in Tour and Signing InformationAny Chance of a Worldcon appearance? by StegoKing, Candidate

I realize we are getting very close to Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow, so I won't even bother to ask.

However, would Worldcon 2006 in LA be a possibility? The whole politics of the Hugo Awards and such is rubbish, but it couldn't hurt your chances for a Hugo nomination to be there. (and I have no doubt that TTT will deserve a nomination at the very least)

Regardless of that crap, I know personally of dozens of fans who would like to meet the author of the thinking-mans epic fantasy. Your work is very highly thought of within George R.R. Martins fan group, the BwB, of which I am a member. I am certain it's garnering like attention elsewhere.

As a book collector, I've already had to buy multiple copies of your work due to damage from re-reading. As much as any other author currently writing, I greatly desire getting these editions signed.

Basically, I'd love to see you out in LA, and I'd be thrilled to buy you a pint or two.

If making a worldcon isn't in the cards for the immediate future, or a signing in the US Northeast, is there any way I could send the books to you to be signed? (with return shipping, of course) Perhaps I could send some bookplates for you to sign?

Please advise, and many thanks. view post


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