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The Devil is in the Details posted 08 July 2005 in Writing TipsThe Devil is in the Details by Cynical Cat, Auditor

How important is your metaphysics to understanding the world and what is going on? Do we need to know everything now? Metaphysics is important in the Prince of Nothing, for example, and we are shown pieces of the metaphysics through the internal dialogues of Kelhus and Akka as well as showing us what is occuring in the world. There are still pieces we don't know, but we try to anticipate what they may be before they are unveiled, because we can figure out more pieces are out there.

In the Malazan books, the metaphysics matter but we don't need to know nearly as much. Erickson reveals those points as the characters encounter them or as they become relevant. The Warrens of Sorcery are revealed as they are travelled or used and not really explained until the third book (although we have a fairly good idea on what they are by then). view post


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