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Multiplexing? posted 06 June 2005 in Author Q & AMultiplexing? by Scilvenas, Auditor

I think if you missed my point, which is completely understandable, I'm safe.

To explain it in terms other than radio principles, though, imagine you have a computer system that tracks ballistic missiles. It can track, say, up to five objects, and plot their future coordinates. But if you sampled each trajectory, say at 1/6th of a second (and following Xeno's logic, you could, theoretically, divide a second into infinite portions), you're now able to track and plot 30 objects, albeit with less fidelity.

I wish I had thought of the probability trance in that regard, but I was thinking of something more conscious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I had assumed the probability trance to be akin to meditation (though true zen masters are said to be meditating in every action). I had pictured the thousandfold thought to be a thought divided by itself a thousand times, being an effective way of managing a mob of millions.

I suppose it could work the other way? The thousandfold thought being extreme memetic manipulation?

That, though, is just fishing (or "easter egging" as we say in the electronics tech world). Thanks for letting me ramble. view post


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