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No-God theory, or another theory posted 05 June 2009 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]No-God theory, or another theory by Ilyich, Commoner

I agree with the first poster. The no-god seems to be a thing of confusion. I think Cnaiur may be alive, but his use in the creation of the no-god will probably involve some use of the Tekne on him.

Then again, if he is still alive, perhaps the consult have him rallying the Scyvlendi to fight for Golgotterath?

I have my own theory though, that perhaps Incariol will be the No-God? Since he is my new favourite character, I am really hoping that this isn't the case.


While he was possessed by the Nonman king, the spirit said a few things regarding a god.

"I dream that I am a God."
"But a hunger... a hunger runs through me... splits me like rotted stone."
"How... could a God hunger?"

However, last we saw of Incariol in the book, he was emerging from Cil-Aujas and he wasn't floating around like something from an exorcism movie anymore. So this, imo, doesn't point at him becoming the No-God (or him being a synthesis with another to create the No-God), but it seems like more of a hint. view post


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