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No-God theory, or another theory posted 11 December 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]No-God theory, or another theory by BobbyR, Commoner

To me, one of the most puzzling items in the PON trilogy are the Mandate nightmare scenes about the No-God. We are told at some point that the No-God was awakened by the Consult through the Tekne, and an important part of the No-God is the Carapace, described as a sarcophagus adorned with a bunch of Chorae. The No-God keeps saying "WHAT DO YOU SEE" as if he is alarmed and curious - not exactly something you'd expect a god to say. Since the No-God is like an artificial creation (via the Tekne), I've been wondering if an important Tekne ingredient to the No-God is a Man or Nonman (living or dead?) who is housed in the Carapace sarcophagus. The question is, who was the original? And if the Consult is looking to reawaken the No-God for the Second Apocalypse, who is the next one?

This leads me to the tantalizing next theory: wouldn't Cnaiur be a great candidate for this? It wasn't at all clear to me that he died at the end of the TTT, in fact I believe he still lives. He'd be the one who understands the Dunyain (and the Aspect-Emperor) the most.

At the very least, given his relationship with the skinspies, I see him become the Consult's general, since it was someone from his now defunct Scylvendi tribe (I can't seem to remember the name!!!) that was the original. And again, he understands the Dunyain and Kellhus the best, and would likely have the best chance of coming up with appropriate tactics in the coming war. view post


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