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What if I told you, that nothing is real? posted 25 November 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat if I told you, that nothing is real? by Athjeari, Peralogue

Platonistic philosophy would also argue against what you stated about the idea/concepts of good/evil, love/hate, courage,trust, etc.

We as humans have a common idea as to what all these things are. This relates to Idealism to the fullest degree.
Simply put according to you we could argue what we call a chair is not actually a chair. To anyone that has no reference to what we have agreed upon as a chair they might view it as something totally different, but since the idea of what the chair is/does has been agreed upon the chair is a chair. (if this makes no sense let me know and I'll elaborate further)

The idea is the most solid form of what is real, it is even more real than matter itself. This is the Ontology according to Idealism

The things you have listed above could be considered real just because you were able to list them and all of us know immediately what you are referring to without you having to give definitions and descriptions of what each item is. view post


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