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What if I told you, that nothing is real? posted 25 November 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat if I told you, that nothing is real? by Athjeari, Peralogue

This is not my area of expertise, but didn't Descartes focus on what is real and what is not real? A lot of his work went towards determining this and has been widely accepted throughout the world even now.

Descartes (pronounced De-Cart) is the well known philosopher that came up with the concept of, "I think therefore I am" Descartes' theories go far deeper than this one quote but even the one quote debunks the idea.

If we think and are real, than what we perceive to be real is reality. At least to us. (If you feel otherwise let me know, but how can you argue against it?)
I think a great argument against your point is according to you than humans themselves or our concept of self might not be real. Descartes argues otherwise. To argue against what we perceive as real you would first have to address whether or not that the "self" is real.

I admit I didn't read all the other posts and this might not be what the topic is pertaining to.
(I also admit that I need to brush up on my Descartes but I do know that the focus of Descartes' Ontology (or what is real) is matter. Descartes' Epistemology (how we learn about the world) focused on observation and experimentation. Descartes, even though he didn't know it when he lived, can be classified as a Positivist, which many many people are even today. What is real? What can be observed, touched, experimented and replicated) view post


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