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The upcoming election posted 19 September 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionThe upcoming election by Cironian, Peralogue

This post is likely a tad les knowledged than most, for I live in canada, and am not of legal voting age. However, I must say that the entire election process is far too immense a deal this time around. Talk of the election began in November of LAST YEAR. They're still not done yet. In Canada, campaigning was started just last week, and the entir process will only take six. Also, news about the American election, or about any of the candidates, no matter how minor or trivial, ALWAYS make the news before absolutely anything about canadian politics is aired. I'm referring to the Canadian news channels. If Obama's former teacher's mother-in-law's cousin sneezed on someone in public, Canadian newscasters would tell us about it before news of our Prime Minister being shot. Okay, maybe I exaggerate slighty, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Not only this, but they seem to extort even the most irrelevant and non-essetial tidbits of information about the candidates, to make everything seem so blatantly awful. (I believe this may be why the public is generally more reluctant to vote come the time to cast ballots.)

The whole thing makes me just sick of American politics, however much fun it is to poke at the leaders of the so-called land of oppourtunity. No offense meant here, I poke at most world leaders who make terrible decisions. The American ones just seem to be more publicized than everybody else. view post


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