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The upcoming election posted 18 September 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionThe upcoming election by luciferi, Candidate

I have made this topic because I like to know other people's take on things and it is necessary to hear criticism of what I think or don't think.

Any thoughts on this election year? I am not particularly enamoured with any of the candidates and am currently supporting none. I am also considering using my right to not vote because I cannot agree with any of them and will not make the decision to "choose a lesser evil". There is much corruption on both sides of the party. I think John McCain has too many special interests behind him although I applaud and respect the fact of his serving our country and being a prisoner of war. I think Barack Obama is a little too naive and I don't really agree with the whole universal health care thing. I have more opinions on other views both candidates have but will wait to say what you guys think... view post


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