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Erikson? posted 19 May 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionErikson? by SEF, Candidate

~minor spoilers~

Oh yes, definitely. When several forces were converging on Darujhistan. And the conclusion of Rallick Nom, Hairlock, Tattersail, Paran, Crockus, and Lorne. The T'Lan Imass blew me away (and still do). Anomander Rake's sword Dragnipur is teh shit. Awesome concept.

I would say the most pivotal book is Memories of Ice, you learn plenty more as if there wasn't plenty given in Deadhouse Gates (in said volume particularly Shadowthrone, Cotillion, Dassem Ultor, the Bridgeburners, Dujek, and Whiskeyjack).

But in Memories of Ice, more revelations are in the offing about legend histories of K'Rul, Kallor the High King, Dragnipur, the Great Ravens, and a extraterrestrial god known as The Crippled God. And some other stuff that would be too spoilerish to drop here. I don't think I gave much away with the little I wrote here either.

~minor spoilers over~

This series rocks, Erikson is a new master of fantasy. That goes without finishing TDTCB and TWP. view post


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