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Getting the words down. posted 11 June 2008 in Writing TipsGetting the words down. by Callan S., Auditor

Not that I know a solution (I'm quite writers blocked myself), but from reading the thread, here's a hypothetical solution (I'll have to go off and try it myself, after typing it).

Forget trying to acheive anything. Write down one word, in large letters, that you just find fun to look at, in some way.

The key to this is that writing pays off instantly, if you write a word that's fun. You write, you get instant pay off. This starts to set up a possitive feedback loop.

Now, while thinking about how that word is fun, see if you can find another word that is fun to just look at. They don't have to form a sentence, but if they start to form a fun sentence, even better.

Finally, limit your writing. Yes, limit! Set a number of words that you will write - no, not an amount your trying to write! It's an amount at which point you stop the session of writing! Again this is about positive feedback. If you keep on writing and writing and writing, you will definately hit some suck point. But with a limit, you are more likely to hit the limit on a high note - this will mean your writing sessions are more likely to end on a posstive note. This trains yourself to like writing more and more, because it always seems to pay off instantly.

As I said, I should go practice what I suggest, myself :O view post


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