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Logos is theft posted 08 June 2008 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Athjeari, Peralogue

Ahh I have noticed a lot of people equating Kellhus's actions to what is good or bad - morally right or wrong or compassionate
Remember that all of these things have been created by man.

Kellhus does not (using the example from above about the friend with a sick mother) look at the situation as if he'd be a dick if he didn't spend time with the friend.

Look at it from this point of view. What is your goal? Several communications specialists believe that all communication is goal oriented. What is your goal in hanging out with that friend who needs you? (I am willing to bet the reason you did it wasn't so much for them as it was for you, don't think this is heartless it's just the way human beings are and your goals could be good beneficial goals tool; they don't have to be self centered goals but they are YOUR goals)
You may have wanted to show that you care about the person or that you can be counted on, or something along those lines.
The point being that Kellhus follows the shortest path. He doesn't think about making friendships closer he thinks, "if I make this person believe we are close friends than I will be that much closer to my goal." -- he does not think of anything negatively - negativity is a man made construction.
What I feel is funny is that in doing so he tends to look like a good guy. The reason being is that he knows if he burns a lot of bridges things will be harder for him. Why kill people and make yourself suspect when you can befriend and make them willing want to help you? It would not make sense to NOT try and befriend people even though he isn't really their friends.
Man I could go on and on about this topic but I need to stop because I am truly getting lost in my thoughts and am having trouble typing them coherently. If need be I'll wait for a response to elaborate further. view post


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