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Erikson? posted 28 March 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionErikson? by Alric, Auditor

I can't recommend Erikson enough. As the others have mentioned, there are currently 5 books published in Canada and the UK, though only 2 have been published so far in the US.

Gardens of the Moon:

Picks up 10 years into a war pitting the Malazan Empire with the free cities on the continent of Genebackis. Only 2 cities remain free from the Empire's control. The story is one of intrigue, betrayal, wonderful world building and excellent action. Who can be trusted? What is the mission?

Deadhouse Gates:

The story follows a few of the characters from GotM a few months after the end of book 1. They have sailed to a land on the brink of a Holy War/rebellion against the Malazan Empire which had conquered the land a decade or so prior. New characters and setting are extremely well done. The action is intense, the plotting is amazing and the story is truly excellent. One of the better epic fantasy reads of recent memory.

Memory of Ice:

Runs concurrent with Deadhouse Gates and picks up the story of the other main characters in GotM. Once again, the world building in this story is simply amazing. The action, plotting and pacing of this novel is again truly excellent. The characters, old and new, are thrilling. The armies of Malazan face a new and mysterious foe on the continenant of Genebackis. This book might even be better than Deadhouse Gates.

House of Chains:

This novel switches styles, a little, from the previous two. The first section exists almost as a novella about a savage character named Karsa Orlong. The remainder of the book picks up the story left off by Deadhouse Gates. The story is more character and overall plot driven, but it is still quite interesting. This is the story of the final clashes of the Holy War pitting the rebellion against the tattered and young Malazan army.

Midnight Tides:

This novel is interesting in that it takes place a couple decades prior to Gardens of the Moon and the other novels. It explains the prologue of book 4 as it is the story of one of the characters in HoC. This is probably Erikson's best written book, showing his range of excellent humor, engaging action, detailed characterization and world building. The story builds and enhances the readers overall understanding of the greater struggle that ties all the novels together.

Bonehunters should be released toward the end of this year to early next year. There are also 2 novellas out, Blood Follows and Healthy Dead, which are prequel stories about a few minor characters that appear in MoI.

Some of the other aspects of Erikson's books that make them worthwhile is that each stands as a lone novel. That isn't to say that you can read them in any order. I mean that each book is written in a way that it has a clear beginning, clear direction and a definite ending. The series is tied together, but each book doesn't have a complete cliff hanger at the end. The result is that the series is very satisfying to readers. view post


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