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Fight Scenes? posted 14 February 2005 in Writing TipsFight Scenes? by RevCasy, Candidate

Well, you can try to walk a reader through your fight like a dance instructor trying to explain the waltz step by step. Probably this won't be very interesting though.

Alternatively you can tell your reader just enough so that their imagination fills in the rest. Believe it or not, as intellectually lazy as people are, they mostly like to use their imagination. When you, as a writer, fill in every detail of what happens in a fight, you are hogging all the fun. That is bad.

Usually, what happens when a writer writes too much detail is that the reader starts to skim over it. This is because detail is boring. It is too dense; it has to be rationed carefully. Readers only want so much information, and if a writer persist in giving them too much, they simply don't read it.

So mention a few of the juiciest, most interesting details, and leave the fun part (imagining the fight) to the reader.. view post


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