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Connolly posted 28 December 2004 in Member Written WorksConnolly by Erthaelion, Candidate

Thanks for the read, and the positive words! I am surprised without italics and everything its easy to understand what the characters are thinking.

This is Chap 1, as you guessed. Having a great deal of issue with the prologue. Cant seem to make it readable. I dont know if its too wordy or what. Maybe I will get it on here and the OWW again...

Scene length issue: Agreed. I think in the course of trying to keep the action at the start fast paced I got a little short sighted regarding the depth of some of the characters.

Changes will be made.

Look forward to seeing your stuff at OWW! Congrats on meeting your self imposed.

Cheers. I will try and post more for ye. view post


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