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Gay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? posted 15 December 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionGay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? by Fell, Peralogue

I used to have some serious doubts about the federal government here in Canada, but now I can say I am proud of the parliamentarians that pushed ahead with the legalization of homosexual marriage. I do believe it's a bond between two people in love, and as gender lines blur with the advent of our ever-increasing communication culture, lines of love, lust, and friendship will continue to blur even more (or so I presume). I am comfortable in who I am and even though I do not find men attractive, I am not so ignorant to rule out that there might be a chance that my soulmate could possibly be a man. Ya just never know.

Unfortunately, here in Alberta, a.k.a. Texas North, King Ralph and his goons are trying to find a way to shift marriage licences wholly over to the realm of the Church to take away the effect of the federal government saying that marriage is constituted only by them — and they say gay marriage is legal.

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