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Terry Goodkind engages in rape fantasy? posted 13 December 2004 in Literature DiscussionTerry Goodkind engages in rape fantasy? by Fell, Peralogue

we have failed to value the hard won gift of freedom and to honor our responsibility to preserve the flame of its true meaning

I agree with him here, and forgive me because this is my first post on this board.

We have grown gluttonous in many ways and I do see it as a sort of abuse of our freedomes. Definitely a vulgar hedonism that has permeated our society. Our forefathers fought hard and died so we could live in a world devoid of threat. Unfortunately, they could never have foreseen how lazy many of us would've become in our physical, mental, and spiritual lives.

And as we revel in the fa├žade of our self-perceived worth, we lack worldly experience and consequently, we see this fissure between middle-class America (and by America, I mean the United States of Canada), and the rest of the globe.

In place of real strife and turmoil to present opportunities to grow from, the youth of today create subcultures based on media myths and adopt pains and sufferings, that which they place sooo much value, i.e. how much goths suffer, how much jocks abuse or are alien to sexuality in their stature of perfect Maxim magazine masculinity, how punk has become the blink-182 posterboys of what was once a movement rooted in art rebel groups like the Situationists, or how skateboarding was once an underground hobby for outcasts and is now the new yuppie style amongst suburban teenagers.

We take for granted the life we've been granted by those that died to protect our freedoms and for what? So we can play make-up with difficulties and hardships which only hold power because we provide them with the strength to topple us.

Our lives are not hard, we've lost much sense of contrast and comparison. And it wouldn't be so bad if we weren't policing the world, or threatening others that don't fall in line with current protocol, but we throw our weight around in situations we can't even begin to comprehend and insult countless cultures by pre-judgeing and claiming we're right, have always been right, and will always be right.

We're not right, nor are we wrong, but it's the attitude that will foster the enemies around the globe which will eventually strike back. As we foster barbarian views of them, they, like North America, will always have their aggressors who will slowly turn all of their ideas of hate and stife upon us. And while our youth brood over Marilyn Manson, the lack of NHL on tv this season, and the new pair of Etnies, working overtime, holiday shopping, et cetera, the world worries about what random act of terror we'll enact upon them. view post


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