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Gay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? posted 09 December 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionGay marriage: for or against its legalization in the US? by Aesmael, Candidate

In a religious sense, provided there is some quality or role set aside specifically for the union between man and woman, probably not. I could not say if this is in fact the case, however I presume it is on the basis of the strenuous objections I hear about from religious figures.

In the legal sense, absolutely yes, with all the rights and obligations that 'make sense' (the previous phrase being used on the basis of my not knowing what, exactly, that entails).

I strongly suspect (or perhaps would like to believe) that in most cases where religious concerns would make gay marriage inappropriate, it is the religion that needs changing.

Huh. Is that the first actual stance I have taken on anything here? view post


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